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Basic Bookkeeping
Payroll Setup & Support
Sales Tax Filings
Tax Planning and Preparation
Class Tracking or Job Costing
Accounts Receivable Management
Accounts Payable Management
Clean Up / Catch Up Work
Legal Questions

If you selected Payroll Setup & Support, are you currently using a payroll service? If so, what company?

If you selected Sales Tax Filings, are you currently registered online with the appropriate state department?

If you selected Clean up / Catch up work, please provide us with the last tax return that was filed (for example 2019 tax return was filed) and/or the last month your books were completed. 

If you selected Legal Questions, please enter a brief description of what questions you have or how our legal team can help.

If you selected Tax Planning and Preparation, would you like to setup a complimentary initial call with our tax expert?

  • ​Enjoy access to our wide network of experts
  • ​Handle all of your legal and financial concerns in one place
  • ​Never worry about spending hours researching for financial industry referrals
  • ​Experience red carpet treatment

More Detailed Financials?

Select Class Tracking, AR and AP Management to get

  • ​Reports that show individual job profitability
  • ​Reports that show accurate customer/vendor balances
  • ​Faster payments from your clients with our invoicing help
  • ​Tons of benefits from our bill payment service

Prior Months got you down?

Select Clean up / Catch up work if you need help

  • ​Putting together prior year financials for tax preparation
  • ​Prior month bookkeeping for current year tax preparation
  • ​Prior year data to compare with current year financials

Payroll and Sales Tax confusion?

Select Payroll Setup & Support or Sales Tax Filings if

  • ​You spend too much time processing employee payroll
  • ​You are unsure if you are making tax payments correctly
  • You are unsure if you are filing all the required reports
  • ​You are unsure if you are collecting all the required taxes

Legal and Tax Help

Select Legal Help and Tax Planning & Preparation if

  • You are unsure that your business is fully protected
  • ​If you need various federal or state tax ID numbers
  • You are tired of being surprised at your tax bill
  • ​You need help preparing your business or personal return

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